How to cook bacon

Update: You might want to check out some of the how-to videos we’re doing on We’ve done some general bacon cooking tips along with cooking on an electric stove and cooking a lot of bacon at once.

This seems like an entirely simple thing to do, right? You just put bacon in the pan and cook it up. Well, not necessarily. There are a…

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Bacon Apple Pie … you betcha

OMG ... this is real and yes, I would totally eat it

OMG … this is real and yes, I would totally eat it. I’m not kidding. This is REAL. I’m not making this stuff up.

Eli Cooks (is Cooks his last name?!) has a great step-by-step recipe going for bacon apple pie. I don’t care what people say, that looks just plain nummy.

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Baconnaise: Everything should taste like bacon


From the makers of Bacon Salt, we have Baconnaise coming to your favorite supermarket shelves in November 2008. w00t!

Boing Boing is all over it.