Update: Bacon Rating System

Based on some fantastic feedback from @ryansnyder I’ve made a few updates to the Bacon Rating System.

The first addition is the “Value per Pound” for bacon. This was inspired by wine reviewers; they often give you a value-per-bottle so you know if you’re getting a good “value” for your money.

Also, I’ve added the “Shrinkage” component to the Bacon Rating System and…

Bacon Rating System

The folks over at I Heart Bacon have come up with the Bacon Rating System. I frickin’ love this … so I’ll be using a slightly modified version here for the Bacon Geek reviews:


The Bacon
  • Brand: Crapmasters
  • Name: Uber Yummy Bacon
  • Cost per pound: $9.99
  • Value per pound: Low
  • Where purchased: Bob’s Market
  • Packaging: 32 oz
  • Cut: Medium
  • Preservatives: Nitrates
The Prep and Score
  • Cooking heat: Medium Low
  • Total cooking…