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Bacon is Awesome, Looking Like Bacon is Bad!

Crispy bacon is good … people who look like crispy bacon are bad.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Bacon!

On Saturday, February 27th, 600 lucky ticket holders will convene and pig out on 1000 pounds of bacon. 1000 pounds! That’s half a ton! While I’m sad that I’m not attending (nor will I get to participate in the bacon-eating contest, which I’ve honestly been inadvertently training for my whole life), I am glad that 600 fellow bacon lovers will be getting together and masticating on tasty pork products. Mmmm. Masticating.

Envelopes and Popcorn? You guessed it, Bacon just got better

While our love for bacon runs both true and deep, we realize it isn’t entirely feasible to enjoy the savory taste of bacon much more beyond traditional mealtimes. Breakfast is taken care of, lunch can be a BLT, and salty pig parts have been making their way to the dinner table for awhile now. But we want more. We want…

Bac'n and Mr. Baconpants Join Forces

What’s better than bacon? You guessed it: more bacon.

New Product: Mountain Products Smokehouse Bacon

We were really excited when the folks at Mountain Products Smokehouse sent us a sampler of their great bacon. So much so, that we’ve gone and added it to the site!

Bacon Tube

Fun things you can do with a 5 lb slab of bacon, a BBQ and some imagination.

Slab Bacon: Its the new thing

We’ve been big fans of slab bacon here at and we’re excited about expanding our slab bacon offerings.

Win More Bacon – The Perfect Batch Pack of Bacon

First off, congratulations to @verso who was last week’s bacon winner. She walked away with 4 pounds of beautiful bacon. However, if you didn’t win, fear not, we have a whole new contest for you today, and it’s interactive.

You see, we have a bunch of new product, and we’re trying to find new ways to deliver it. To enter, all you…

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New Product: Scott Ham's Bacon

When we first reached out to the folks at Scott Ham’s they were in the throes of a serious ice storm that had crippled most of Kentucky. June Scott could only email me as their phones and power were done but Internet was working when the generator was running. Talk about commitment; she still shipped out our first batch of their…

Week 1 Bacon Drawing Winner: @verso

Its hard to say no when one of your fans actually writes a haiku about you. Its impossible when they write three.

This weeks winner of 4 lbs of Broadbent’s finest bacon goes to @verso for her awesome bacon haikus. Keep an eye on this space for next weeks drawing folks and thanks everyone for tweeting, posting, following, etc: