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Masterbacon Wrap-up

Yesterday had to be one of the most fun events I’ve ever been involved with. I’m sure this had a lot to do with the fact that it was about one of my favorite things (bacon) but I think the key to it all was the amazing people that turned out.

Zivio had the run of the place

Masterbacon was a tremendous success by all accounts (IMHO). 32…

Masterbacon is on!

Masterbacon trophies are here!!

First of all. ZOMG. I’m just going to put something out there. Stay with me here people:

Portland, OR is the Bacon Capital of the World.

Now, I’m not sayin’ … I’m just sayin’. But what I do know is that we’ve got an amazing turnout coming for Masterbacon. So far we’ve got 16 entries for the event (there is still time to…

Masterbacon cometh

BYOB Bacon

Masterbacon is less than two weeks away (1/17/2009) and the crew has been slavin’ away to make sure its a fantastic event. The first thing we need to update folks on is the venue change. We’ll be holding Masterbacon at the Davis Street Tavern in Old town. This is a great new venue just 3 doors down from Backspace. I’ve updated…

Boss Hog's Hickory Smoked Brown Sugar Honey BBQ Bacon


The Bacon
  • Brand:
  • Name: Honey BBQ Bacon
  • Cost per pound: $19.99
  • Value per pound: Medium-High
  • Where purchased:
  • Packaging: 16 oz
  • Cut: Thin
  • Preservatives: Sugar, fructose, nitrates
The Prep and Score
  • Cooking heat: Low Low
  • Total cooking time: 12 min
  • Pork Flavor: 4
  • Smoke: 5
  • Salt: 5
  • Sugar: 5
  • Fat: 5
  • Texture: 3
  • Shrinkage: 4

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Ratings based on Bacon Rating System

As if the title didn’t say enough. ZOMG. This is good bacon folks. Its something out of…

Bacon of the Month:

If there is one thing I love its other bacon lovers. I had a chance to talk with Jason Jackson, founder and proprietor of I’m BaconGeek (BG) and he’s ThePigNextDoor (TPND):

The Bacon of the Month Club from

BG: Tell me a little about your bacon background.

TPND: I have no background in bacon besides loving to eat it. Haha.

BG: What gave you the idea to start a bacon club website?

TPND: My… The URL shortener for the bacon lover

Let’s be honest. We all love URL shorteners like TinyURL and Is Good but for the bacon-lovers out there, we’ve had a gaping hole in our lives. Until today.

I’m pleased to announce (with an insane amount of help from the Rick Turoczy, the Silicon Florist) the launch of for all of your bacon-related URL-shortening needs. Yes, you can all breath a sigh of…