Bacon and Beer Happy Hour event in Baltimore

Bad Decisions, a bar in Baltimore, MD, through a little get together this week called the Bacon and Beer Happy Hour. Clearly, we think they’re on to something.

Thanks @michellechilds for the tip.

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Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

To be totally honest, we weren’t really thinking of ever having something like a “Bac’n Babe of the Month” section to the site. That is until Belinda Strange emailed us asking if she could participate in our next photo shoot.

Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

You see, all of the models here on are our friends, family and acquaintances here in the Portland, OR area. We know many of them through Twitter and they were all so kind in coming our for our first shoot in February for little else than some free t-shirts and plenty of PBR and pizza.

More pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bacon Cures Hangovers!!!

bacon-junkyardI don’t even care if this is true, it’s validating enough in theory. And regardless, it’s not like it’s a bad remedy that’ll be un-worth it if it doesn’t work.

Also, who knows, maybe it’s the placebo effect. You feel better just eating bacon in general, so add to when you’re not feeling well, and it’s almost like a cure.

Regardless, someone out there is claiming bacon cures hangovers, and I’m all for it.

Read the article at here.

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What’s the only thing that would make bacon better? That’s easy; more bacon. now with goodness

This morning we added in support for to the URL shortener. Now you can get a shorter link and add bacon to the mix. You can see an example here. Its really the biggest win-win since the BBBLT.

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The Bacon Snowboard

Roby Peabody is kind of our hero. Seriously. Roby is the creator of the “Bacon Snowboard” which was just covered in the Denver Post.

The Bacon Snowboard

We salute you Roby in your pursuit of bacon snowboarding … now, if only you could wax your board with bacon grease.

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Boycotting April Fools Day

Here’s the deal folks. We love you and we’re not going to do something lame like make up some fake product we’re not selling and then embarrass you because you decided to forward it on to your friends, etc. Seriously. We’re on your side here.

Squeez Bacon (tm)

It has come to our attention that others aren’t as honest as we are. Not only that, they are using bacon as the vessel with which to fool and tease you! We won’t stand for this!

As a public service to the entire bacon community we’re providing the following fake bacon links making their way around on this fine April 1st:

  • Bacon Fashion: From @lilbutterfly we get bacon fashion on the runway. Now, we’re not even sure if this is real or not but I’m pretty sure its not. Or somebody just has really, really bad taste.
  • Squeez Bacon: Now this is just gross (hat tip Mr Bacon Pants) … squeezable bacon?! Is there no shame?! This is productized here available at your favorite everything-for-my-geek store ThinkGeek. Now, I know its a joke folks … but $7.99 for squeezable bacon on the Internet? At least make this stuff plausible … that should be listing at $49.99. (Note: the ThinkGeek folks have a long history of loving bacon and kittehs).

Stay tuned to this post and we’ll make sure to keep you apprised of any more slights to the bacon name.

Best of luck today and remember, if you’re reading it on April 1st, somebody is probably messing with you (except for this post; we love you guys).

BaconCamp: the Bacone

If there was one dish that took everybody by surprise at BaconCamp, it was the Bacone. This was the creation of Christian Williams and his girlfriend Melissa.

The Bacone in action

I was lucky enough to be a judge at the BaconCamp where this appeared and let’s just say the judges were totally blown away. A first I was thinking this was going to be difficult to handle, hard to eat, etc. But it wasn’t. It was perfectly formed and super easy to eat.

The Bacone is exactly what you’d think; a cone made from bacon. Inside though, they put scrambled eggs, top that with country gravy and then top that with a biscuit. Um. Yum?!

Since we judges had to take at least one bite or sip of 44 dishes that day, I told myself I would only take one bite of the Bacone. Then just one more. And well, its good; so one more can’t hurt. I stopped at four bites. I offered my Bacone (with a big ole chunk out of the side) and to my surprise several people in the audience wanted to take it from me. Hilarious.

I’ll say what I said then that I believe now; “McDonald’s should be selling this thing.”

From the recipe page here is what you need to make your own Bacone:

  • A strainer and a stapler to make the forms
  • A fryer to fry the bacon
  • Thick bacon – thin bacon disintegrates
  • Aluminum foil – to keep the bacon from sticking
  • Leatherman – because all cool projects involve a Leatherman

Here’s what you’ll need to really do the bacone justice:

  • Eggs
  • Hash browns
  • Cheese
  • Country Gravy
  • Biscuits

Great work Christian and Melissa. Now, go throw your own BaconCamp and amaze us with the creations you make.

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BaconCamp and the Bacon God T-shirt

I had a great time last week at BaconCamp San Francisco. There were about 300 people that turned out and 44 dishes of some of the most amazing bacon creations you have ever seen. I brought along a bunch of “Bacon is like a little hug from God” t-shirts and they went over really well.

Heather Lynch sporting her 'Bacon is like a little hug from God' t-shirt

Heather Lynch was the best overall winner of BaconCamp with her Maker’s Mark Ice Cream with a Maple Caramel Swirl and Candied Bacon Bits (BTW- ummm, yummy?!). We ran out of t-shirts so we thought we’d send her along one simply because her creation was that good.

Thanks for the pic, the food and the bacon love Heather!

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Bacon Tube

So there I was.

My friend Hayes and I had been staring at the Broadbent Hams Country Bacon Hickory Smoked Pepper Slab in my refrigerator for days. This is a behemoth-sized piece of bacon. It was, frankly, intimidating. What could we possibly do with it that would do it justice? Sure, just throwing it on the grill and smothering it in barbecue sauce would produce a gigantic slab of deliciousness… but we wanted something special.

Enter the bacon tube.

The bacon tube

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"Bacon is like a little hug from God" t-shirt

When we found “Bacon is like a little hug from God” artwork on Etsy, we knew we had to offer it as a t-shirt. We’ve partnered with nicodemusgreen to offer this great shirt to you.

"Bacon is like a little hug from God" t-shirt

Go check out these shirts in our store and they should start shipping first thing next week … just in time for SXSW! :-)

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