Barista Jam

OK, so as many of you already know, besides the world’s best bacon, there are a few other tantalizing and tempting taste treats that I absolutely adore in fevered fanatical fashion … and one of those flavorful favorites of mine is a truly great cup of gourmet coffee.

So I was totally mesmerized to hear of the genius barista in Richmond, VA who figured out precisely how to effectively combine two of so many of our taste treats “into one!”

The location was the ever popular “GlobeHopper Coffeehouse & Lounge”  in Richmond, Virginia, where official “Barista Jam”  took place this week.

Nine creative coffee competitors gathered in a gallant attempt to allure the aesthetic attention and seduce the savory senses of three expert judges with their bold and brash, brewing bravado!

These “creative coffee-teers” were each offered the opportunity to serve up a shot of their very own original espresso or “Specialty beverage,” that would then be judged, based on such criteria as taste balance, “crema,” consistency of milk, visual appeal, presentation, customer service, and overall impression.

OK, so who /what won the competition, after all, the suspense must be absolutely killing you already by now, right?

The winner was two-time champion, “Barista Darren” of Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market with his judge and crowd pleasing Maple Bacon Latte.

Apparently baristas go by first names only, because I gave up trying to find Darren’s last name after about 15 minutes of reading numerous stories about the event, so congratulation Darren The Barista!

Special thanks to the organizers of the Richmond “Barista Jam,” Stephen Robertson of Advanced Coffee Tech  and David Blanchard of Blanchard’s Coffee. Thanks to you two, I’ll be spending the next week or so in the kitchen with 100 pounds of coffee and bacon each, trying to re-enact the event and recreate the winner for my own personal palate pleasing enjoyment!

-Larry Nichols

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18 Responses to “Bacon And Coffee = Awesome, Bacon IN Coffee = Utterly Devine!”

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