I’m a sucker for a mean BLT and so I thought I should at least talk about my favorite variation on a true sandwich classic; the Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato.

The makings of the perfect sandwich

The start to any great BLT are the ingredients. You can see above, I’m not messing around here. Great tomato, lettuce and avocado. I usually get two (or twice) avocados if I’m not sure how they look. Nothing worse than cutting into an avocado to find out the hard way its all rotten inside.

Everything is prepared for the Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato

Preparation is the key to making a great BLT. I like to get everything all sliced, chopped, cleaned and patted down (in the case of the lettuce) so that when the bacon is ready you just assemble and eat.

Now, instead of just putting in a couple of slices lengthwise in the pan and cooking them as boring, flat slices of bacon we’re going to mix it up a bit. We like to call this the “swirl” style of cooking bacon. You take a package of bacon (in this case, Beeler’s Uncured Pepper Bacon) and separate the slices and just drop them into the pan. Using your tongs, you can mix it all around. You actually want the bacon to end up all disheveled and rolled up as it cooks.

Cooking up the bacon

The finished product is a bunch of bacon that has actual depth and is easier to place on your bread. Since you swirl it around the pan, the bacon is curled on the edges and all folded on itself. When you go to put it on your sandwich it will sit nicely (and not hang out or slip off) and because of the curling it will actually have some depth giving the sandwich some nice girth. And yes, I just referred to the ‘girth’ of a sandwich.

We're stackin' them up now!

Next up is assembly. I like to start with wheat bread (well, my wife does anyway – ha!) which I do a light toasting of. I then apply a thin layer of Miracle Whip on the bottom piece of toasted bread. This is where the tomato is going to go. The Miracle Whip acts as a water barrier for my bread; it won’t get soggy now.

Look at the finished product!

I also like to stack in an order that will allow for the least amount of movement of the components of the sandwich. In this case, I go bread, Miracle Whip, tomato, lettuce, bacon and then avocado topped by the last piece of bread. I like to take the piece of bread, place it on top and then with a little firm pressure, push it all together. Slice down cross-wise and apply a toothpick, add garnish (or some chips) and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

Howto: Bacon Avocado Lettuce & Tomato from Bac'n.com on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich”

  1. Lauri Says:
    February 9th, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Looks like a winner!! Can’t wait to try it, especially since you use Miracle Whip and not Mayonnaise. It shows you have true taste!

  2. Lacy Kemp Says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I prefer to mash the avocado up so it doesn’t slip out too. I like the idea of the bacon cooking in a pile. Must try. Oh , also, add Ruffles chedder and sour cream chips. delish and extra crunchy.

  3. Kath Says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 11:32 am

    That’s my favorite too, although I use Beeler’s Garlic Pepper Bacon and Best Foods Mayo (Hellman’s for those East of the Rockies). Not a fan of Miracle Whip! I like to make a wrap with all of the above and turkey, too.

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