Bac’n is proud to announce our first athletic sponsorship, the Ironclad Cycling team. After a talk with our doctors, and having our cholesterol checked, we felt this was the responsible thing to do and help someone out there who was working off those precious bacon calories. And honestly, I think these guys are just as excited as we are about the whole thing.

The team riding, not yet with our logo on the jersey

The team riding, not yet with our logo on the jersey

The guys on the team are complete bacon fanatics, and have already begun ordering quantities of bacon from our store, so we know they’ll be well-powered when the first race starts Feb. 15. Look for us on their center back pocket (logo), as well as us giving away bacon at the races. Oink!

7 Responses to “Bac'n a Cycling Sponsor?”

  1. Malika Says:
    March 1st, 2009 at 11:29 pm

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