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Amazing Bacon Cookbook Just Released By Bacon Freak is Sizzling Awesome!

If you love you bacon like we do … and obviously you do or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, then you definitely have to check out the brand new Bacon Cookbook that has just been released by the pork pushing peeps over at Bacon Freak.

TV’s “Parks And Recreation” Gives A Pigs Feet “High Four” To Bacon.

Thankfully, Mr. Tucker is kind enough to take the time to watch and pre-digest most of the great show and some of the dregs that are bobbing pointlessly at the very bottom of the television barrel; helping us busy buddies know what’s worth watching and what isn’t.


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Bacon Marmalade Makes You Want To ‘Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya” Some!

Well sometimes the inability to at first sight; see exactly what’s going on right in front of your face led to an amazingly delicious treat called “Bacon Marmalade.


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