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Pork is Better For… Porking?

I am moving to Argentina.  I’m packing as I write this actually.  And here’s why:  Cristina Fernandez, Argentina’s president made the statement that pork is better and more effective than Viagra.  (Where can I send money for her next presidential campaign?  Can I sponsor her for a VISA to the US?)

Cristina Fernandez

This fabulous news!  Think of all the benefits:

  • No longer having…
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Gotta Get Me Some Meat Snack…

What’s with everyone writing songs about meat?  Not that I’m complaining!  I’d much rather hear (suffer?) a song about dead cow carcass over the merits of a nutritious rutabaga any day.

You had me at “meat snack” but then kinda lost me with the rest of the song. (AND the fact that you made me wait until 2:46 to hear about…

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Bacon IS Trendy and There's a Press Release to Prove It, So There!

For all you doubters out there who believed that “bacon” was about to jump the shark, had best rethink their naysaying ways.  According to the Food Channel ( “bacon” isn’t just a trending topic for the year, but for the whole decade.  (That’s ten years to you and me, kids.)

The top ten trends for 2000-2009 were:

  • Sushi
  • Cupcakes
  • Sliders
  • Gourmet Burgers made with Kobe…
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Bac'n acquired by

We’re excited to announce that we have just finalized the acquisition of Bac’n by the good folks over at

Team Bac'n

Rocco and his great team at will continue to run the site as-is and existing customers will see the same great service you’ve come to expect from Bac’n.

We launched just under a year ago and since then we have…