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The Bacon-Wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge – "Baconhenge"

The caption (which came pre-installed on the image), speaks truth; “You’ll never top this.”


Found at Dula Blog.

New Product: Mountain Products Smokehouse Bacon

We were really excited when the folks at Mountain Products Smokehouse sent us a sampler of their great bacon. So much so, that we’ve gone and added it to the site!

Bacon and Beer Happy Hour event in Baltimore

Bad Decisions, a bar in Baltimore, MD, through a little get together this week called the Bacon and Beer Happy Hour. Clearly, we think they’re on to something.

Thanks @michellechilds for the tip.

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Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

To be totally honest, we weren’t really thinking of ever having something like a “Bac’n Babe of the Month” section to the site. That is until Belinda Strange emailed us asking if she could participate in our next photo shoot.

Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

You see, all of the models here on are our friends, family and acquaintances here in the Portland, OR area. We know…

Bacon Cures Hangovers!!!

bacon-junkyardI don’t even care if this is true, it’s validating enough in theory. And regardless, it’s not like it’s a bad remedy that’ll be un-worth it if it doesn’t work.

Also, who knows, maybe it’s the placebo effect. You feel better just eating bacon in general, so add to when you’re not feeling well, and it’s almost like a cure.

Regardless, someone… is now with goodness

What’s the only thing that would make bacon better? That’s easy; more bacon. now with goodness

This morning we added in support for to the URL shortener. Now you can get a shorter link and add bacon to the mix. You can see an example here. Its really the biggest win-win since the BBBLT.

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The Bacon Snowboard

Roby Peabody is kind of our hero. Seriously. Roby is the creator of the “Bacon Snowboard” which was just covered in the Denver Post.

Boycotting April Fools Day

Here’s the deal folks. We love you and we’re not going to do something lame like make up some fake product we’re not selling and then embarrass you because you decided to forward it on to your friends, etc. Seriously. We’re on your side here.

Squeez Bacon (tm)

It has come to our attention that others aren’t as honest as we are. Not only…