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The King of Breakfasts – A Bacontastic Experiment

We got approached a few days ago from Toby over at There was some talk about some bacon-indecency he’d made the previous weekend, and as bacon purveyors, we signed on to sponsor a Bac’ version. He whipped us up this little number, with photos and captions to boot, all for you, our loyal readers. We said thank you with…

The Bacon has been Won!

After some fantastic entries to our “Create Your Dream Pack” contest, we got a last-minute entry that stole the show. Nelking strolled in on the last day and presented this fantastic package she dubbed the “Economic Stimulus Package.”

1. Broadbent Hams Country Bacon Sun-Dried Tomato. Save money on BLTs. No tomato needed.

2.Fletcher’s Maple Smoked Bacon. No need for maple syrup with…

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Win More Bacon – The Perfect Batch Pack of Bacon

First off, congratulations to @verso who was last week’s bacon winner. She walked away with 4 pounds of beautiful bacon. However, if you didn’t win, fear not, we have a whole new contest for you today, and it’s interactive.

You see, we have a bunch of new product, and we’re trying to find new ways to deliver it. To enter, all you…

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New Product: Scott Ham's Bacon

When we first reached out to the folks at Scott Ham’s they were in the throes of a serious ice storm that had crippled most of Kentucky. June Scott could only email me as their phones and power were done but Internet was working when the generator was running. Talk about commitment; she still shipped out our first batch of their…

Week 1 Bacon Drawing Winner: @verso

Its hard to say no when one of your fans actually writes a haiku about you. Its impossible when they write three.

This weeks winner of 4 lbs of Broadbent’s finest bacon goes to @verso for her awesome bacon haikus. Keep an eye on this space for next weeks drawing folks and thanks everyone for tweeting, posting, following, etc:

Win Free Bacon from Broadbent!

Like bacon? Like Free Bacon? Enter the bacon giveaway.


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Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

I’m a sucker for a mean BLT and so I thought I should at least talk about my favorite variation on a true sandwich classic; the Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato.

The makings of the perfect sandwich

The start to any great BLT are the ingredients. You can see above, I’m not messing around here. Great tomato, lettuce and avocado. I usually get two (or twice) avocados…

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Win Free Bacon! A simple contest from Bac'n

Want to win some free bacon? Watch this space in the coming weeks for weekly prizes and drawings. They’re easy to enter, and your chances are good.


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