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The Trash Can Bacon-Wrapped Turkey: A Holiday Favorite!

BaconturkeyDuring the holiday season our thoughts at BaconGeek.Com often turn to extreme cooking hijinks. Many of our favorite all-time culinary endeavors involve ensconcing meat with a material near and dear to our hearts (in more ways than one). What better way to baste the holiday bird than with a blanket of Bacon. Whether it be a “Standard” oven broiled Turkey…

BaconGeeks Unite: Nate DiNiro

I’m excited to announce this evening that Nathan DiNiro (@unclenate on Twitter) will be joining the ranks of contributing authors to

Nate DiNiro - BaconGeeks Unite

A born Bacon fanatic, Nate “UncleNate” DiNiro has a deep passion for the smokey, salty, sweet & meaty goodness that Bacon is! Know in his childhood as “Nathan Bacon & Eggs”, by day Nate is a Sr. Sales Engineer for a…