Weekend Updates, New Products & Listening to Advice

Its been a busy couple of weeks here at Bacn.com.  The launch has been downright crazy and the orders are continuing to come in … thanks one and all!

Bac'n business cards

As with any new venture, you learn a lot when you put it out there.  They are the kind of lessons that you can only learn by “doing it the hard way”.…

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Bac'n a Cycling Sponsor?

Bac’n is proud to announce our first athletic sponsorship, the Ironclad Cycling team. After a talk with our doctors, and having our cholesterol checked, we felt this was the responsible thing to do and help someone out there who was working off those precious bacon calories. And honestly, I think these guys are just as excited as we are about the…

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Welcome to Bac'n

Bacon tastes good. We’ve known it for years, and have loved it for years. But we’ve also found the difference between good bacon and incredible bacon. We’ve decided to sell incredible bacon, and we hope you enjoy.

Bacn.com is your new source for high-quality bacon products, wrapped in butcher paper and delivered to your door all with the click of a…

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