The Bacon Spectacle

The Bacon-Wrapped Twinkie Stonehenge – "Baconhenge"

The caption (which came pre-installed on the image), speaks truth; “You’ll never top this.”


Found at Dula Blog.

Bacon Cures Hangovers!!!

bacon-junkyardI don’t even care if this is true, it’s validating enough in theory. And regardless, it’s not like it’s a bad remedy that’ll be un-worth it if it doesn’t work.

Also, who knows, maybe it’s the placebo effect. You feel better just eating bacon in general, so add to when you’re not feeling well, and it’s almost like a cure.

Regardless, someone…

The King of Breakfasts – A Bacontastic Experiment

We got approached a few days ago from Toby over at There was some talk about some bacon-indecency he’d made the previous weekend, and as bacon purveyors, we signed on to sponsor a Bac’ version. He whipped us up this little number, with photos and captions to boot, all for you, our loyal readers. We said thank you with…