Smoked Maple – Cinnamon Bacon & Peanut Butter Fudge

If you are easily tempted by tasty little tidbits, be sure to have someone around to keep you from trying to eat the entire batch yourself the moment they cool down enough to put in your mouth.

Amazing Bacon Cookbook Just Released By Bacon Freak is Sizzling Awesome!

If you love you bacon like we do … and obviously you do or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, then you definitely have to check out the brand new Bacon Cookbook that has just been released by the pork pushing peeps over at Bacon Freak.

Portland Bacon Event for Children's Healing Art Project

A friend sent this out a few days ago, letting me know about a great bacon event being held in Portland over Labor Day Weekend (September 5-7). It’s to raise money for CHAP (the Children’s Healing Art Project.) I’ve included his information below:

We are about 50 days out from this event and I would love to have all of you forward…

BaconCamp: the Bacone

If there was one dish that took everybody by surprise at BaconCamp, it was the Bacone. This was the creation of Christian Williams and his girlfriend Melissa.

Masterbacon cometh

BYOB Bacon

Masterbacon is less than two weeks away (1/17/2009) and the crew has been slavin’ away to make sure its a fantastic event. The first thing we need to update folks on is the venue change. We’ll be holding Masterbacon at the Davis Street Tavern in Old town. This is a great new venue just 3 doors down from Backspace. I’ve updated…

The Trash Can Bacon-Wrapped Turkey: A Holiday Favorite!

BaconturkeyDuring the holiday season our thoughts at BaconGeek.Com often turn to extreme cooking hijinks. Many of our favorite all-time culinary endeavors involve ensconcing meat with a material near and dear to our hearts (in more ways than one). What better way to baste the holiday bird than with a blanket of Bacon. Whether it be a “Standard” oven broiled Turkey…

Bacon Apple Pie … you betcha

OMG ... this is real and yes, I would totally eat it

OMG … this is real and yes, I would totally eat it. I’m not kidding. This is REAL. I’m not making this stuff up.

Eli Cooks (is Cooks his last name?!) has a great step-by-step recipe going for bacon apple pie. I don’t care what people say, that looks just plain nummy.

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