Mother’s Day Gifts For Today’s Cool, Hip & Rad Moms!

Times have changed my friends! Things just simply aren’t the way they used to be back in the black and white days of “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it To Beaver!” as a matter of fact, I bet nearly half of you reading this article right now are to young to even know what those to references are even about, which only more effectively proves my point.

The Bacon Press – A Pressing Issue

There’s a burgeoning trend of revile and distaste for something common in every kitchen. The one tool you have in your drawer that is only meant for one thing. The monotool. Something, anything in your kitchen that is perfectly designed for one expressed purpose, and can’t really be used for anything else. From the apple corer to herb scissors, they…

Bac'n and Mr. Baconpants Join Forces

What’s better than bacon? You guessed it: more bacon.

New Product: Mountain Products Smokehouse Bacon

We were really excited when the folks at Mountain Products Smokehouse sent us a sampler of their great bacon. So much so, that we’ve gone and added it to the site!

Things I don't need: Bacon iPhone case

This is serious. I’m not kidding. Somebody actually went to the trouble to create this beast. Srsly.

Bacon iPhone cover - photo credit Gizmodo

Bacon iPhone cover – photo credit Gizmodo

The most surprising thing about this is how many people sent me a link to this sucker. No less than 20 people told me about this … now if I were faster I would have gotten this up…

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Baconnaise: Everything should taste like bacon


From the makers of Bacon Salt, we have Baconnaise coming to your favorite supermarket shelves in November 2008. w00t!

Boing Boing is all over it.