Envelopes and Popcorn? You guessed it, Bacon just got better

While our love for bacon runs both true and deep, we realize it isn’t entirely feasible to enjoy the savory taste of bacon much more beyond traditional mealtimes. Breakfast is taken care of, lunch can be a BLT, and salty pig parts have been making their way to the dinner table for awhile now. But we want more. We want…

Cooking Bacon on a Hotel Room Iron – Really!

Bac’n is currently run from a wonderful office space in downtown Portland called PIE. It’s in a great open space with lots of room for the geeky and bacon loving types. So when DjangoCon came to Portland last week, hosting the code sprints was an obvious decision for our Django-loving creator Michael Richardson (don’t forget that is written in…

The Bacon Snowboard

Roby Peabody is kind of our hero. Seriously. Roby is the creator of the “Bacon Snowboard” which was just covered in the Denver Post.

Boycotting April Fools Day

Here’s the deal folks. We love you and we’re not going to do something lame like make up some fake product we’re not selling and then embarrass you because you decided to forward it on to your friends, etc. Seriously. We’re on your side here.

Squeez Bacon (tm)

It has come to our attention that others aren’t as honest as we are. Not only…

Warning sign: in bacon

Best. Warning. Ever.

Well, its not really bacon but its friggin’ hilarious nonetheless. Found randomly on the Internet but I *think* the original source is: