Masterbacon today

We’re excited to be one of the sponsors of the inaugural Masterbacon event happening today at the Davis Street Tavern.

We hope to see you out for this crazy fun contest that all bacon lovers can get behind.

Masterbacon is on!

Masterbacon trophies are here!!

First of all. ZOMG. I’m just going to put something out there. Stay with me here people:

Portland, OR is the Bacon Capital of the World.

Now, I’m not sayin’ … I’m just sayin’. But what I do know is that we’ve got an amazing turnout coming for Masterbacon. So far we’ve got 16 entries for the event (there is still time to…

Masterbacon cometh

BYOB Bacon

Masterbacon is less than two weeks away (1/17/2009) and the crew has been slavin’ away to make sure its a fantastic event. The first thing we need to update folks on is the venue change. We’ll be holding Masterbacon at the Davis Street Tavern in Old town. This is a great new venue just 3 doors down from Backspace. I’ve updated…

Are you ready for Masterbacon?

bacon by magpie moon

Yeah, read that again ya perv. Its Master-bacon! A day for bacon lovers to get together and share their favorite bacon treats with each other and win prizes for best-in-show! Read more if you’re intrigued.

The inaugural event will be at Casa de Kveton on 1/17/2009 … hope to see you there!

RSVP on Upcoming.