Mother’s Day Gifts For Today’s Cool, Hip & Rad Moms!

Times have changed my friends! Things just simply aren’t the way they used to be back in the black and white days of “Father Knows Best” and “Leave it To Beaver!” as a matter of fact, I bet nearly half of you reading this article right now are to young to even know what those to references are even about, which only more effectively proves my point.

Starbuck’s Bacon, Gouda & Egg Frittata Is Actually Pretty Good!

I was dedicated to being completely unbiased and I walked into Starbucks with as evenly balanced and fair set of mental scales as I could muster up for the occasion, just so I couldn’t be accused of allowing my personal premium pork prejudices to cloud my thinking and appraisal.

Smoked Maple – Cinnamon Bacon & Peanut Butter Fudge

If you are easily tempted by tasty little tidbits, be sure to have someone around to keep you from trying to eat the entire batch yourself the moment they cool down enough to put in your mouth.

KFC Shows It’s Hand And Wins Big With New “Double Down” Sandwich!

Things are most definitely getting a lot more “Finger Licking Good” for us dedicated “Baco-Maniacs;” now that the good folks over at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) have just released the “Double Down” sandwich

Bacon And Coffee = Awesome, Bacon IN Coffee = Utterly Devine!

I was totally mesmerized to hear of the genius barista in Richmond, VA who figured out precisely how to effectively combine two of so many of our taste treats “into one!”

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Religious Pressure Cooker Has Some Brits Bucking Burgeoning Boom And Banning Bacon!

However, there have been more and more stories in the press, coming out of England, regarding some proponents vigilantly pushing for the Islamic principals of “Halal” to be implemented throughout the British society, including many of the most popular fast food restaurants and eateries.

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Amazing Bacon Cookbook Just Released By Bacon Freak is Sizzling Awesome!

If you love you bacon like we do … and obviously you do or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now, then you definitely have to check out the brand new Bacon Cookbook that has just been released by the pork pushing peeps over at Bacon Freak.

TV’s “Parks And Recreation” Gives A Pigs Feet “High Four” To Bacon.

Thankfully, Mr. Tucker is kind enough to take the time to watch and pre-digest most of the great show and some of the dregs that are bobbing pointlessly at the very bottom of the television barrel; helping us busy buddies know what’s worth watching and what isn’t.


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Bacon Marmalade Makes You Want To ‘Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya” Some!

Well sometimes the inability to at first sight; see exactly what’s going on right in front of your face led to an amazingly delicious treat called “Bacon Marmalade.


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Bacon is Awesome, Looking Like Bacon is Bad!

Crispy bacon is good … people who look like crispy bacon are bad.