Babe of the Month

Bac'n Babes and Roller Derby

bacon_ritaployWe recently got contacted by The Kansas City Roller Warriors, a roller derby team out of Kansas City. They’re headed to nationals this year in Philadelphia, and asked if we would donate some products for their Bacon-Themed raffle/fundraiser. How could we resist. We sent a few extra shirts for them as well, and next thing you know, our August Bac’n…

Bac'n Babe of the Month: Christina Whaley

Our Bac’n Babe for the month of June, 2009 is Christina Whaley.

She’s friends with our previous BBotM, Belinda Strange, and Christina called us after Belinda asking if she too could adorn our screens… How could we resist. Off went a package of bacon and shirts, and we got this back in return.

We hope you enjoy.


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Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

To be totally honest, we weren’t really thinking of ever having something like a “Bac’n Babe of the Month” section to the site. That is until Belinda Strange emailed us asking if she could participate in our next photo shoot.

Bac'n Babe of the Month: Belinda Strange

You see, all of the models here on are our friends, family and acquaintances here in the Portland, OR area. We know…